Definition of KPI’s and socio-economic impact

This deliverable has defined and formulated the relevant KPIs to achieve green, silent and sustainable battery-powered marine propulsion. Once the KPIs have been defined and formulated, the KPIs have been analysed in order to credibly consolidate that the electrification and hybridisation of the fleet is a real and achievable objective in the short term. In this sense, 7 key KPIs for the electrification/hybridisation of the fleet have been defined and analysed: 

1.      Maturity and state technical and technological of battery systems for fleet electrification.

2.      Cost of battery systems for fleet electrification 

3.      On-board battery systems integration for fleet electrification

4.      Standards and regulations to meet emission, noise requirements and safety compliance.

5.      Lifetime of battery systems for fleet electrification

6.      Circular economy of battery systems for fleet electrification

7.      Modularity and scalability for fleet electrification.

In addition, in this document the social and stakeholder barriers that can negatively influence the KPIs and the socio-economic impact.

The results and conclusions obtained in this deliverable will be used in the following work packages of the project, being fundamental for the overall development of the FLEXSHIP project.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 101095863.

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