Short introduction of partner, why do they participate in FLEXSHIP and why is FLEXSHIP important for BRING

BRING, which stands for the Brussels Research and Innovation Center for Green Technologies, is a non-profit organization focused on creating environmentally friendly solutions and technologies. Their main areas of research and development are rechargeable energy storage systems and energy technologies for both stationary and e-mobility applications. Their work involves a variety of topics related to green technologies, including batteries, fuel cells, lightweight materials, hydrogen storage, automated vehicles, and drones. The scope of their research covers different aspects of batteries, ranging from small cells to large battery packs. By utilizing multi-scale mathematical modeling and artificial intelligence, BRING is actively contributing to the development of next-generation batteries and energy storage systems that promote clean energy.

BRING’s involvement in the FLEXSHIP project will provide them with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of battery design specifically for marine applications, as well as digital twin solutions for energy storage systems in waterborne environments. The economic benefits of participating in the FLEXSHIP project for BRING include the potential to collaborate with industry on multiple design projects, leading to a new portfolio of research and innovation projects. Furthermore, this collaboration is expected to create employment opportunities for individuals as well. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 101095863.

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