A short introduction of the partner, why do they participate and why is FLEXSHIP important for WEGEMT.

WEGEMT is a not-for-profit organization and the largest European network of prestigious Universities in Marine Technology and related sciences. Founded in 1978 at TU Delft and consists of 30 members in 16 countries. WEGEMT aims to update and extend the skills, knowledge and competence of practicing engineers and postgraduate students working at an advanced level in marine technology and related sciences. This aim can be achieved by encouraging universities to be associated with it for them to work collectively as a network, and to actively collaborate in relevant initiatives. WEGEMT considers collaborative R&D, E&T at an advanced level, and the exchange and dissemination of information, as activities which further the aim of the Association.

In FLEXSHIP project WEGEMT will take the responsibility of creating the website and setting up the social media accounts to ensure the smooth and efficient dissemination of the Project. Furthermore, during the promotional phase of the project, flyers and posters will be developed and used for promoting the research being carried out in conjunction with the on-site visits and the website. Almost near the end of the project a professional video will be developed to capture in an impactful visual manner the entire research results completed by FLEXSHIP. WEGEMT is also Contributor to WP6 – Task 6.2 Long term skills needs and strategies for a green shipping value chain (ST6.2.2 Skills identification and mapping, ST6.2.4 Long-term skills strategy for operational transferability).

The FLEXSHIP project aims to have a specific impact for WEGEMT. FLEXSHIP will broaden network of stakeholders, increase its knowledge on the vessel electrification and will be in a better position to promote the knowledge in higher education engineering-related disciplines.

Furthermore, an economic impact of FLEXSHIP for WEGEMT will be the development of new and/or enhance existing training courses at vocational and/or university level. Enhance academic position of WEGEMT university members and potential to attract students and EU funded research grants. Potential for signing joint projects between WEGEMT’s universities and the industry.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 101095863.

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