Summary of the deliverable related to the use vessel case and electrical specification and requirements

The overall goal of FLEXSHIP is to develop and validate safe and reliable, flexible, modular, and scalable solutions for electrification of the waterborne sector.

D1.1 has defined and formulated the relevant KPIs to achieve green, silent and sustainable battery-powered marine propulsion. The KPIs have been defined based on international standards, requirements and class notations. Once the KPIs have been defined and formulated, the KPIs have been analysed in order to credibly consolidate that the electrification and hybridisation of the fleet is a real and achievable objective in the short term, considering environmental, economic, social and industrial aspects.

The KPIs defined and analysed are as follows:

  1. Maturity and state technical and technological of battery systems for fleet electrification, in terms of the following parameters: Battery types; Battery system designs and battery cells; Energy density; Power and Thermal management.
  2. Cost of battery systems for fleet electrification, where different costs associated with marine batteries have been analysed, covering CAPEX, OPEX and prices.
  3. On-board battery systems integration for fleet electrification, where both mechanical and electrical integration has been analysed.
  4. Standards and regulations to meet emission, noise and safety requirements, where the emission and noise reduction of the demonstrators (DEMO-1 and DEMO-2) has been analysed as a function of the electrification/hybridisation and the safety requirements necessary to carry out this electrification/hybridisation.
  5. Lifetime of battery systems for fleet electrification, in terms of the following parameters: Cycle size and SOC, C-rate and Temperature.
  6. Circular economy of battery systems for fleet electrification, where the following aspects have been analysed: Raw material extraction and Materials processing; Manufacturing and Production; Transportation and Delivery; Operation on ship and Second life, End-of-life and Recycling.
  7. Modularity and scalability for fleet electrification has been analysed taking into account Modular and scalable Grid and control architecture and Modular and scalable battery system.

In the analysis of each of the KPIs you can see the results and conclusions obtained that will later be used and will be fundamental for the future development of the FLEXSHIP project.

Furthermore, in this deliverable the social and stakeholder barriers that can negatively influence the KPIs defined and analysed have been identified.

Finally, the socio-economic impact has been identified and the payback period of electric batteries in electric vessels has been calculated.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 101095863.

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