Task 2.5 Digital twin-based system design and optimisation: A story on partner’s contribution in this task

Precision in Battery Selection

In collaboration with VITO, ABEE is diligently working on selecting the optimal battery for the digital twin framework. This choice is foundational for the subsequent design and simulation processes.

Digital Twin Framework

Our role is part of a larger effort to develop a robust digital twin framework that simulates and optimizes onboard electrical systems. This allows for scalable solutions adaptable to various types of vessels.

Towards Sustainable Maritime Operations

The ultimate goal is to provide methodologies for cost and size optimization, crucial for the sustainability and efficiency of maritime operations.

Collaboration is Key

Working alongside partners like VITO has enriched the process and we’re excited about the holistic approach being taken in Task 2.5.

We are thrilled about the momentum we’ve gained and are eager to contribute further to this revolutionary project!

FLEXSHIP received funding from EU Horizon Europe research and innovation program under Grant Agreement no. 101095863.

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