EUWT Synergies Ecosystem

Three EU funded projects, FLEXSHIP, HYPOBATT and SEABAT came together and started a collaboration with the aim of identifying common areas of interest, explore ways to adopt best practices and to enhance their project results for the benefit of waterborne transport. Here you will find further information about the partner projects.


Flexible and modular large battery systems for safe on-board integration and operation of electric power, demonstrated in multiple type of ships

This project aim is to develop and validate safe and reliable, flexible, modular, and scalable solutions for electrification of the waterborne sector.


Hyper powered vessel battery charging system

This project 
will supply a modular, fast and simple multi-megawatt charging system that will enable the ships to be connected to the charging station and charged within a very short time after docking. Due to the intended modularity of the port-side charging stations, electrified port vehicles should also make use of this infrastructure in further steps, thus reducing the overall CO2 balance of a port. Further goals of the project are the standardization of the fast charging system for ferries as well as the development of new business models for battery-powered boats, which should make electric ferry operations safer, faster and more sustainable at other locations in the future


Solutions for large batteries for waterborne transport

This project will apply a modular approach, with the aim to reduce component costs (battery, convertor) so that unique ship designs can profit from economies of scale by using standardised low-cost modular components. In SEABAT existing commercial battery cells will be used, the concept will be suitable for future battery generations and high-power components that may have higher power densities or are based on different chemistries


Open collaboration and open Digital Twin infrastructure for Green Smart Shipping

DT4GS is aimed at delivering an “Open Digital Twin Framework” for both shipping companies and the broader waterborne industry actors to tap into new opportunities made available through the use of Digital Twins(DTs). The project will enable stakeholders in shipping to actively embrace the full spectrum of Digital Twins innovations to support smart green shipping in both the upgrade of existing ships, as well as the building of new vessels.