Elkon is a Turkish electrical equipment designer, manufacturer and system integrator whose majority stake are recently acquired by German marine propulsion expert SCHOTTEL GmbH in order to offer energy-efficient propulsion concepts, hybridisation and electrification in a complementary way Elkon is specialised in commissioning low-voltage electrical equipment and automation systems for the maritime industry since 1980. Elkon benefits from its existing portfolio of customers at regional scales and targets to become by 2027 an international player in the fields of electrical architecture, power & energy management systems and retrofitting technologies. Elkon has integrated hybrid and all-electric propulsion ships in various type of vessels like ferries, fishing vessels and tugboats.

As a marine electric system integrator, participation in such a valuable and collaborative FLEXSHIP R&D project funded by the European Commission, elkon can advance their own technology and products for battery electrification of ships. FLEXSHIP can bring together experts from various fields, including academics, researchers, and industry professionals from major maritime stakeholders. In FLEXSHIP, elkon can specify the existing needs for electrification and gain deeper expertise & knowledge that can be used to develop new propulsion solutions for beyond state of the art and novel lithium ion batteries. FLEXSHIP can provide elkon with a competitive advantage safe integration of marine batteries in by retrofitting existing fleets for decarbonization . It is so important that by staying at the forefront of technological developments, elkon can differentiate and position as a pioneer in marine electrification field. Battery electrification of ships is a key element in reducing emissions and promoting sustainable shipping. Participating in FLEXSHIP project aimed at battery electrification of ships can demonstrate elkon’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 101095863.

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