Overview of the progress on the Digital twin-based system design and optimisation

Task 2.5 of FLEXSHIP is in its youth, as BRING aligns the framework of the green digital twin. The expectation for this month is to have a good definition of what models are going to be implemented, how the work is going to be distributed and, in a lower level, the input output architecture of all the models.

While work is green, these next months will have task 2.5 gather speed as relevant task 2.2 and task 2.3 will also start, leading to a convergence of work developed in all 4 previous tasks into the green digital twin. The first iteration will be able to provide a co-simulation platform for both fully electric and hybrid vessels, allowing for ease of change of models for diverse scenario testing and battery sizing.

FLEXSHIP received funding from EU Horizon Europe research and innovation program under Grant Agreement no. 101095863.

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