This is a short story:Evaluating stakeholders’ requirements and expectations incorporating the technical feasibility (digitaltwin and demonstrator)

In Task 6.1 of the FLEXSHIP project, we embarked on a journey to evaluate stakeholders’ requirements and expectations while integrating technical feasibility using digital twin and demonstrator technologies. This endeavor has been nothing short of transformative for us. By engaging with various stakeholders, including ship owners, operators, and technology experts, we have gained valuable insights into their needs and aspirations, including a wide SWOT analysis for comprehensive sensitiveness in the future waterborne sector. These insights have not only shaped our approach to the project but have also strengthened our collaboration with partners across the consortium. Through the integration of digital twin capabilities and demonstrator development, we are taking concrete steps towards a more agile, responsive, and sustainable shipbuilding industry.

FLEXSHIP received funding from EU Horizon Europe research and innovation program under Grant Agreement no. 101095863.

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