FRAUNHOFER contribution to model-based development of control and monitoring architecture in FLEXSHIP!

Task 2.2 primarily concerns the development and verification of the power management system (PMS), which includes control functions and monitoring of the hybrid power system and propulsion system. NTNU is leading the task and providing expertise in control architecture and verification through simulation. ELKON supports by the electrical testing of load sharing strategies in hybrid systems on both AC and DC grids. In collaboration with the DC switchboard, BMS, and/or combustion engine, SCU plays a vital role in supporting the preparation and development of the software interface for energy management, enabling efficient control and monitoring. DAMEN’s extensive experience in ship and system modelling enables them to play a crucial role in defining the power control architecture. Fraunhofer support in the task with expertise in simulation and monitoring architectures. Together, these contributions are helping to develop and simulate the control functions for secure management and monitoring of the hybrid power system and electric propulsion system.

FLEXSHIP received funding from EU Horizon Europe research and innovation program under Grant Agreement no. 101095863.

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